Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and Yardwork

So I know I just barely did a post yesterday but I have fam coming this weekend and then I get to go home for the whole next week. I know I'm going to have lots more pics I will want to post so I figured I better hurry and put some Easter ones on before they are old news!

Owen at Aunt Susan's easter egg hunt. I was amazed at how quickly he figured out what to do!

As you can see he didn't waste any time digging in. He has a Peep in his mouth and is ready for more!

Such a handsome fella! Oh and don't worry I don't feed my kid king size candybars. That was Jakes (:

So I was in charge of rolls for the family easter dinner and I was scared because I have never made them before. Pathetic I know. But they turned out so good and I was so excited! I'm not exactly the best homemaker in the world so this pic is for my mom so she can see the finished product! Thanks for letting be call you a buzillion times Mom!

This past weekend we worked out in the yard a whole bunch and it was so fun! I love working in the yard, I think its therapeutic for me. Owen loved it too. He helped me put leaves in the wheel barrow, push it over to the pile, and then he though he needed to ride back in it himself. He wasn't always helpful though, he sure thought it was funny to run through all the leaves I was picking up and scatter them everywere! And of course he had to get his dad to chase him around and wrestle with him. Love my boys.
This picture just makes me laugh and I had to share. Jake checked on O before we went to bed and this is what he found. Ouch!


  1. Wow! Nothing like a crib to make you realize how giant your kid is getting right? I have to tell you - Weston has those same pajamas that Owen is wearing! The green ones with the truck. I think it's hilarious because he had the same shirt Owen was wearing when we came and saw you. We apparently know how to dress our little boys cute huh?

  2. I also love working in the yard. Planting flowers, watering mowing, weeding, love it all. I always have lots of fun with my boys in the yard!

  3. I love the picture of Owen hanging out of the crib. That is great. He is just too adorable. I am glad that you had a good Easter.

  4. This makes me miss you guys so much! You have such a green thumb-I think I need your help with our yard. :) I love the picture of Owen with the peeps in his mouth-that is exactly how I feel at Easter :)! The picture of him in his crib really makes me understand just how tall he is! Wow~he looks a little bit like a sleeping giant-a darn cute one:)!

    Can I use anymore smilies or exclamations:)?!!

  5. Oh you guys all look so darn cute! I can't believe how big Owen is...well I mean I can cause you guys are giants.. thanks for the tip on puttin up pics! I just posted my ultrasound ones...I am such a goober.