Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Beach-Part 3

I LOVE the beach! I love the smells, I love the seagulls, I love the waves, I love the sand (I just don't like to take half the sand home with me...which we did.) One of our last afternoons we went to Huntington Beach. It actually wasn't all that warm. I was really windy and a bit chilly, but that didn't stop us! Owen absolutely loved it. He threw the biggest fit when it was time to go and at that point his skin was turning purple and he had goose bumps all over him. Ali and Aves pretty much slept through the whole thing but I couldn't resist an opportunity to put those chubby little girls in their swimsuits!

Playing in the sand!

Proof that Owen walks on his toes! My little twinkle toes (:

Getting a feel for the water.

I think Aubrey was trying to trick us! She told us to turn around for a pick and just then a wave came and hit us...thus the shock face.

I think this is my vote for favorite picture of the whole trip. I love my boys!

You can start to see the cold is starting to set in for O.

Sleeping peacefully away!

Dad and Aves

Mom and Ali

The whole fam!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Part 2- Disneyland!

So the second half of our week was spent in sunny California at Disneyland! This was Jake's and my first time to Disneyland so we weren't sure what to expect. It wasn't what I expected but so much fun. Good thing we had the ride max experts with us so we went on lots of rides without much of a wait. I think the longest we waited was maybe 20 minutes. So the very first thing we did of course was go meet Mickey! We had been talking to Owen about Disneyland for weeks so he was all prepped and excited to go. So as we are waiting to see Mickey, I'm telling him that when we walk in the next door Mickey will be waiting and he can go give him a big hug. Anyone who knows Owen, knows that a hug from him is a pretty big deal. He doesn't just pass those out! Anyway, we walk in and O walks up to him all cautiously and just sticks his arms out and stands there waiting for Mickey to hug back. Mickey didn't see him so Owen was just standing there with his arms out and then he kind of looks at me. Then it was all over for any Disney character getting a hug from him. I think he felt embarrassed so he just came back and hung on to me. I love this pic because it shows O checking him out, but only from a distance. I felt bad for him, but really it was Mickey that missed out!

Owen and Tevon holding hands getting ready to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. Like I said before, I didn't really know what to expect and one of the first rides we did was Pirates. Someone told me that I could take my babies with me on that ride. Great! Now all of us can go together...with the help of Grandpa Walker.

So we are riding along in this boat checking out the pirates and such. It starts to get dark and I can't see a thing. I'm holding Ali who is asleep and all of a sudden the boat goes down a big drop! Didn't see that coming! Poor Ali I think I squeezed a little hard because I was so worried about her. She jumped a little but other than that it didn't even phase her! In after thought, don't know if I would have took them on that ride if I'd known but oh well! They didn't seem to mind. (:

Aubrey decided Ali and Avery needed a pic with the Splash Mountain sign in the background as proof that their parents were crazy enough to take them to Disneyland when they were only 3 months old! We didn't take them on that ride...  

Here is our crew that rode Splash Mountain together. They all just got done laughing because the poor sucker in the front just got soaked!
Jake and I should have saved our money because I think Owen's favorite part of the whole thing was riding the shuttle to and from the park. He would sit there and say Wee! This was after our first day and you can see it on his face that we wore him out!
The shuttle actually gave me a lot of anxiety. This was probably the hardest part of the whole trip with our three little ones. The shuttle ran from our hotel to the park every 20 minutes so we had to try and catch it just right because it doesn't sit around and wait. We always had to have someone help us because we had all our bags, a toddler, two babies, a double stroller, and ourselves to get on. Sometimes the bus would be packed but people were always so nice and when they saw our "circus" they would always give up their seats or help us get our stroller on. Nice to know there are still good people in the world!

The next morning was a very early morning. I think we were up at 5 to feed the girls and get everything packed so we could be to the park and get in early for the Magic Morning. We walked in the gates and their was Mickey Mouse again! This time there was no chance of Owen getting out to say hello! 

Avery got to say hello though!
Owen loved the Small World ride. Once again he got to ride in a boat which he thought was great and this time I didn't have to worry about any big drops. I only had to sing the stinking song the rest of the day, lets be honest, I think I was singing it the rest of the week! He also really liked the Finding Nemo submarine ride.

Big Thunder Mountain- one of our favorite rides!

The entire time we were there, Owen was begging to go on the train. The only problem was, once we got on he was bugged because he couldn't see the train anymore! (: But it gave us a good chance to sit down and feed the bambinos.

Our last day in the park we did rides for Owen in the morning and then went over to California Adventure so we could ride some of the bigger rides. He didn't really care too much about Peter Pan, but he thought Dumbo was really fun and actually hit some targets in the Toy Story Astro Blaster ride. We saw Goofy but as you can see, he still wasn't sure about all the characters. (:

Ali loved watching the Dumbo ride

This was Owen's first roller coaster! The kiddo is so tall that he was almost tall enough to go on every ride in the park. He was tall enough for this one so I made him go on it with me. He got pretty nervous while we were standing in line and I was starting to wonder what he would do when we got to the front. He didn't get scared though so we hopped on and I kept telling him how cool and fun it was going to be. I don't know what he really thought but when I asked him afterwards if he wanted to do it again he said yes! We are in the fifth car back.

Over at California Adventure Owen saw McQueen and Mater which normally would have been the highlight of the day for him, but he was so tired and grumpy at this point that we just hurried and snapped a pic. Then we got to realizing that the poor boy was hungry! He wouldn't eat breakfast and then we were so caught up in everything that it was after one and he hadn't had lunch. Poor guy is just like his dad when he is hungry, a complete bear! Food cheered him right up though.

I absolutely loved being able to dress the girlies in sundresses. The weather was beautiful!!

We did some really fun rides at California Adventure. My fave was Soaring Over California which was kind of like a flight simulator thing. We also did the big roller coaster and the Hollywood Tower of Terror. When it was finally time to leave this is what our kiddos looked like...

It was such a fun adventure for our little fam. Of course we couldn't have done it without all the help. I have one more post to do of an afternoon we had at the beach, but Disneyland was definitely the highlight of the whole trip!