Friday, March 27, 2009

Antsy for Summer!

I am SO ready for summer it's not even funny! We had some awesome weather last week but now it is cold and blah again. I was thinking back to last summer and all the fun times we had and decided to post some pics to help me get through until spring and summer are here. These are some of the highlights and some of my favs.

Coach Webb's Wedding

My coach from college got married last summer so Jake, Owen, Mom, Dad, and I packed up and traveled to Couer d' Alene for his big day. I wish I could say it was a blast, but it wasn't really. No, it had some fun parts but Owen was so sick the whole time with hand, foot, and mouth and it kind of made it miserable for all of us. However, it was awesome to see a bunch of teammates and friends from the Northwest days and fun to have that time with my parents.


Jake and I both have our birthdays in July so that is our favorite month. Expensive...but fun! (: We have lots of other family members with summer bdays and it just fun to be able to get together so much.

4th of July!

Another reason why July is the best month! I love the 4th! We went to a parade with our friends and then hung out at my parents all day with good food and fireworks that night.


I know this makes you itchy Em!

Woohoo! I can't wait to go boating! Last summer was the first time I wake boarded and it was so much fun. I should edit my video clip so it looks like I am this awesome, amazing, coordinated wake boarder...but lets be honest, I'm definately not. This was one of my more graceful wrecks though. ( I had to keep some of my pride!) Notice how compassionate my fam is in the background. (:

Ogden Canyon Vacation!

Jake's Dad and Stepmom took all the fam to this fun timeshare place in Utah. We had the whole week in some condos and it was such a good time. We went swimming, did some shopping, went to Hogle Zoo (spelling?), and battled a nasty ear infection with Owen. That last part not so fun.

My Family from England!

My mom is from England and her brother still lives there with his fam. They ALL came to visit last summer and it was such a blast! The best part was when we rented a cabin in Island Park so we could all be together. It was absolutely crazy but so much fun. We also went boating and did some sightseeing while they were here. I miss them and wish they were coming back this summer.

My Little Fam!

This was our first summer with Owen as a little family. I will definately remember it as one of the best. Although Jake and I were both pretty busy with school and Owen had issues with ear infections all summer long we still managed to have some really good times. Owen learned how to crawl on June 25, his Grandpa Walker's birthday and never stopped cruising from then. We went to the Rexburg air show which I would recommend because it was so fun. Everything else was just little things here and there, trips to the park, playing tennis, and going for walks but I think those were some of the best times. I know this summer will be fun and different in its own way and I am so excited!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go Duke!

In honor of March Madness we thought we would make a post to say Go Duke! Although Owen may be just a little bit brainwashed by his dad, he is pretty much a true blue Duke fan!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun with the Fam Damily!

My mom, Emily, and her kiddos came to visit us a few weekends ago and we had so much fun! They are the best for trekking all the way over here to see us, especially since we were all packed into my little house. As I was looking through all the pics we took it looks like all we did was lounge around in our jammies...true, but not completely true! Owen loved having his cousins to play with and I think he was kind of bored with me after they left. But the fun part was that Jake ended up buying a truck in Rexburg so we had to go to Idaho the next weekend to pick it up! Yea!! Two weekends with the fam and I'm a little worried I'm going to be going through withdrawls this weekend, especially since our little nephew, Jonah boy is turning two! Happy Birthday Jonah! We so wish we could be there for the party and the basketball pinata! Save a tootsie roll for us! (:

There are a TON of pics so be prepared!

Owen and Gage jumping in the crib. They were pretty excited to see each other!

My cute and getting so grown up neice, Kenadee with Owen

Snuggles with Grandma. Isn't my mom beautiful!

My cute and fun sista Em and Zack the master of the Wii

Zack showing O the ropes. Don't you love the old school game boy?

All the kiddos!

The boys with their binks.

Owen found a nice little nook to snuggle into!

Lunch at Irma's!!! One of our most favorite places to eat is the Irma hotel in Cody. It is so dang good! Its a pretty fun atmosphere too because its the hotel the Buffalo Bill built back in whenever. Only we decided that if you want to work there you have to have either no teeth or really bad ones!

This is pretty funny. Notice Gage with the little impish smirk. That little boy has plans....

Guess I should have warned Kenadee huh?! (:

Gage sportin my red shoes that he dug out of the closet. They are definately a good look for him!

Thanks to Owen and Gage I don't even need to wash those doors anymore!

I love my fam, they are so much fun. There were so many other pics I wanted to put on here but it was taking forever! Thanks for coming you guys! I will see everyone when Nic has her baby yea!! Oh wait, I guess I'll see Nat and Dave when the semester is over right? Nat, you can go ahead and plan on having my watch ready by then. (: