Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthdays, Babies, and Big TVs!

So I was looking through my camera and noticing it was almost at maximum capacity. I had some really fun pics on there so I decided it was time for another post. Ryan is Sam and Brandee's foster baby and he is so cute! (Sam is Jake's brother) He turned one at the beginning of the month and he sure loved his cake! We really hope that he is part of the fam forever!

These are the girls! Taycee, Brooklyn, and Alex were the official cake decorators!

Sam, Brandee, Taycee, and Ryan in his new birthday outfit. Wow! Whoever picked that out has some great taste. (: So fun!

I love this pic! But it scares me a little bit! I'm thinking if that can happen to Owen then I definately need to stop hanging out with Aubrey!

On April 7 Aubrey had her baby, Candace Carol Walker! She is such a little doll. Brooklyn and Alex got to come and sleep at our house while Ben and Aubrey were at the hospital and we had a lot of fun! They are such good kids.

Coming for a visit to see their cute new baby sister. Aubrey looked great!

So sweet!
Owen and Alex playing on the makeshift slide made out of a big box and watching cartoons on my bed!

So this post actually isn't about a big TV although Jake finally got the TV of his dreams. He has been saving for a long time now so I finally gave in. I don't know what it is about guys and big TVs but I could care less. Its just not my thing but sometimes you have to keep your man happy! So anyway this first picture is the before pic, but not of the TV, of the entertainment center. We were having issues about where to put the monstrosity because I didn't want it to be the huge focal point of our family room. Anyway, after a week of the TV sitting on the floor we got creative and transformed our old cheapo entertainment center into a new one! My handy manny Jake took out the middle shelves and used them to make it 4 inches taller so the TV could actually fit. It only cost us 10 bucks for paint and 3 bucks for new hardware! I feel so creative and thrifty!


  1. That's awesome! I know what you talking about with the guys and t.v.s. Andrew is the exact same way! I seriously could have a wooden box and if i could watch american idol on it I'd be happy :) Ya do what ya gotta do! Cute pictures!

  2. That is awesome! I would have NEVER guessed it was the same entertainment center. What a handy guy. And husband was all about the big T.V. too.

  3. WOW that entertainment center looks great! It is amazing what a handy man and some paint can do! I think it is a guy thing to have a huge t.v. The bigger the better!