Monday, February 16, 2009

Messing around

Our family is easily as proof.

He looks so sweet and innocent right here. Oh how decieving looks can be!

Jake and Owen trying to figure out the dish. We finally have TV!!
LOST, where have you been all my life?

We are a pretty good looking family!

This is the 4-wheeler that Owen drives all over the house. His favorite thing to do is to go for my feet, which he is very accurate with! Or else try to drive over the pile of stuff I am trying to sweep off the floor. Little stink!

My boys wrestling. (:

Owen is really into grabbing our faces and attempting to pull off our skin when we wrestle. It hurts so bad! Jake's smile is leftover pain face from Owen doing just that!

Jake made me a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's. Precious.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's official...we're bloggers!

Yea! We finally have a blog. I guess moving and getting sick of unpacking and organizing is good for something! You'll do just about anything to be too busy to get around to the other stuff! (: Jake, Owen, and I are now Lovellites...never ever thought I would say that but it has been really good. We are moved in and have most of the essentials put away. It's kind of fun to have a new space to put your stuff and decorate. Owen was feeling a little lost at first. I think he was a little concerned about where all his stuff was and not sure what to do with himself but he is finally coming around. I think the fact that he has room to ride around on his little 4-wheeler has definately helped him get over it. Jake is working "like a man" again. He came home and rubbed his rough hands on my face to prove it. I think he was getting sick of me teasing him about soft banker hands. He is working with his dad building houses and really liking it despite the cold Wyoming weather! I get to stay home with Mr. O and I absolutley love it! He keeps me busy and keeps my laughing all day long. He is developing quite the little personality. Sometimes that is good sometimes its not! We miss Idaho and our fam there but we also know we are supposed to be here and love having time with our fam here.Owen wanted to make sure we made it to Wyoming safe.

My Mom and Dad helped us get all our stuff there. They were such troopers! Drive all day, unpack in -15 degree weather, go without showers for a day and a half due to frozen pipes, and run two doors down to go to the potty! (: We love them so much!

2 weeks in and we still don't have TV!! Owen has one Baby Einstein movie that he loves and watches over and is getting really old! However he must have been a little bored with it this day because this is how I found him when I came to check on him. So cute!