Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Lotta Bit of Catch Up!

There has been lots going on around these parts in the last two months. We are really enjoying our new house but there has been SO much to do. Of course like any house renovation, it takes longer, costs more, and gets old faster than you think it will! I hate to say that because I sound so ungrateful because I really am happy that we get to do all this work on the house but its a little stressful when you're racing the clock...or in my case a time the time bomb I've been lugging around! It gets frustrating at times because I want to be involved and do stuff on the house but often I don't have the energy or there are too many fumes or something. Jake has been superman. He works all day and comes home and works most of the evening on the house and usually gets Owen ready for bed for me. I seriously don't know what I would do without him! He has been my rock. At some point I will post a few before and after pics. Its all starting to come together and I know it will be worth it when its all said and done! Our fams are so good to us! Jake's brothers have spent Saturdays helping Jake. My mom has been here twice to help me paint and organize. Just last week she came with my sister and bro-in-law and we worked two and a half days straight to get a bunch of projects done. We wouldn't survive without fam!

So yes I'm having twins and just like this blog it has kind of been coming in second behind the house. People say all the time, I just can't imagine having two babies. My reply is, neither can I! Its our reality buying things in twos and trying to come up with two names but I seriously don't even know how to actually prepare to have them here. As uncomfortable as being pregnant can be, I'm pretty sure that is going to be the easy part! Its going to be tough but I am pretty excited to snuggle my two little girls. Another thing people ask me is if it feels different being prego with two. Uh yes it does. Actually it hasn't been until recently that that has been the case. I've felt really good so I can't complain. But my goodness these two are wrestling or doing jumping jacks or something in there! It's pretty crazy. I also feel so much more tired this time around. Its been kind of hard finding a balance between taking it easy and still getting all the daily house stuff done. In fact my house is most often in shambles. I walk over stuff all day just because I'm too lazy to bend over and pick whatever it is up! I also have to go to dr. appointments more often. I'm already going once a week plus I have to start getting non-stress tests at the hospital so they can monitor the babies. I get to see my little ones all the time because we have an ultrasound every check-up to check their heart beat. I have already had two super-hootie ultrasounds at the hospital where they go through and measure each little body part and will probably have one more in a couple of weeks. Ultrasound is always so cool but these ones take an hour and a half minimum. It seems to be a challenge for the tech to be able to keep track of which limb belongs to which baby because they don't hold still very well. (: Anyway, that gets a little uncomfortable after awhile and I usually have to stop for potty breaks! So its been a fun and also crazy experience so far. One night Jake said it almost like winning the lottery! How many people get to have twins. (: I thought that was pretty funny!

Owen has had a rough couple of weeks. Colds, coughs, teething, and our personal fav, hand foot and mouth. But he has been a little angel the last three days and quite frankly we deserve it after so many rough weeks!! He turned 2 at the beginning of October and had a really fun birthday. The little tikes police car we gave him totally tanked for the first couple of days...he didn't want to get in it and said no, I scared. Maybe it was the sirens or maybe he thought it would drive off with him in it but he no likey at first. His favs were the monster truck that makes all sorts of noise and chants "Bigfoot! Bigfoot!" (which he chants as well, thanks Em) and all the trucks he got. He loves them!
We also took his binki which wasn't fun at all but has been such a good thing, I wish we had done it sooner. He is also sleeping in a big boy bed and has transitioned so well. He is getting all grown up but he will always be my baby boy!

So if you have made it this far actually reading my blog than you are pretty good. I usually just look at the pictures. I didn't mean to go off and write so much but I obviously had a lot on my mind! Life is only going to get more crazy but we have so much to be thankful for!