Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hubba Hubba!

So Ali and Avery went for their 6 month check-up today, even though they are closer to 7 months...I'm a little behind. They had their 4 month check-up about a month ago. Again, I'm a little behind. Anyway, a month ago, both of them weighed 18 lbs. exactly. Wow! They are chunky! Today, just a bit over a month later, Avery weighs 20 lbs. 4 oz. and is 28 inches long. Ali is 20 lbs. 3 oz. and 28.25 inches long. Holy cow they just gained 2 lbs. in a month!! They are both over the 97th percentile. A+ girls! I just have to laugh, they are so yummy. I knew they were heavy, but I didn't realize I was packing 40 lbs around!! I must be one buff monkey. (:
I like 'em big! I like 'em chunky!

My Owee-O at about the same age. He was always above 95 percentile in height and around 75 in weight. I don't know where they get it. (:

Monday, June 21, 2010

We survived!!

On June 3 Ali and Avery turned six months old! Where did the time go!? Oh wait, it went to making bottles, washing bottles, feeding babies, wiping bums, changing diapers, washing clothes, burping babies, snuggling, kissing, rocking, buying diapers, buying formula, getting little to no sleep, getting sleep and wondering how I ever went without sleep, playing dress up (girls are so fun), taking pictures, and falling in love with my little girls more and more every day. It has been a crazy six months to say the least, but I think that life is finally feeling normal...whatever that really means. We decided that we needed to celebrate the fact that we made it and we are all alive! Most people that have twins say the first year is the hardest. So far I would say the first two months are the hardest. I don't think I really remember much about that time, probably delirious from lack of sleep. It has definitely been challenging but I absolutely love my kids.

Owen had a rough go at first but he is doing so good. The girls absolutely adore him. The other day he thought someone was leaving with one of his sisters and he had a bit of a come apart! I took that as a good sign because I think he might have shipped them back at first. (: During the past six months we also potty trained Owen! Wow, that was so much harder then I thought it would be, but he is a champ now! He has kind of turned back into a momma's boy. He was stuck to his dad's side for awhile but now he is my shadow. I love having him as my buddy. (: It's so fun to see him learning and figuring things out. He will say the funniest things and we just get a kick out him!

Ali and Avery are the sweetest babies ever! They put up with so much mauling and being passed around and kissed and loved on. They love it. Even when they aren't feeling good, there is always a big old smile waiting for ya. The only time they ever cry or fuss is if they are tired or hungry. They love love love their jumpers and never stop. You would think it would burn off a little baby fat but they are still as chubby as ever! We don't know if they are identical or not but they sure do look alike the older they get! They are so good natured and they just make us so happy!

My fam has informed me that they don't really care what I have to say on my blog, they just want to see more pictures! (They only love me for my kids) So here ya go...I don't want to hear any complaints this time because there are a ton! I didn't label many of them so in this first pic its Avery, Owen, and then Ali. If you want to figure out who is who, you'll have to try and base it off this pic! Or by binkis, Avery is pinky Ali is lime ricky.

My sister Em gave them these shirts, they say "My sister is my BFF" I love it!

First ever ice cream cone! He has a milk allergy so this was a big day for us!

I think I could submit this one in a contest or something I think it is so awesome!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Beach-Part 3

I LOVE the beach! I love the smells, I love the seagulls, I love the waves, I love the sand (I just don't like to take half the sand home with me...which we did.) One of our last afternoons we went to Huntington Beach. It actually wasn't all that warm. I was really windy and a bit chilly, but that didn't stop us! Owen absolutely loved it. He threw the biggest fit when it was time to go and at that point his skin was turning purple and he had goose bumps all over him. Ali and Aves pretty much slept through the whole thing but I couldn't resist an opportunity to put those chubby little girls in their swimsuits!

Playing in the sand!

Proof that Owen walks on his toes! My little twinkle toes (:

Getting a feel for the water.

I think Aubrey was trying to trick us! She told us to turn around for a pick and just then a wave came and hit us...thus the shock face.

I think this is my vote for favorite picture of the whole trip. I love my boys!

You can start to see the cold is starting to set in for O.

Sleeping peacefully away!

Dad and Aves

Mom and Ali

The whole fam!