Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Beach-Part 3

I LOVE the beach! I love the smells, I love the seagulls, I love the waves, I love the sand (I just don't like to take half the sand home with me...which we did.) One of our last afternoons we went to Huntington Beach. It actually wasn't all that warm. I was really windy and a bit chilly, but that didn't stop us! Owen absolutely loved it. He threw the biggest fit when it was time to go and at that point his skin was turning purple and he had goose bumps all over him. Ali and Aves pretty much slept through the whole thing but I couldn't resist an opportunity to put those chubby little girls in their swimsuits!

Playing in the sand!

Proof that Owen walks on his toes! My little twinkle toes (:

Getting a feel for the water.

I think Aubrey was trying to trick us! She told us to turn around for a pick and just then a wave came and hit us...thus the shock face.

I think this is my vote for favorite picture of the whole trip. I love my boys!

You can start to see the cold is starting to set in for O.

Sleeping peacefully away!

Dad and Aves

Mom and Ali

The whole fam!


  1. Oh my heck. I love it. Your little girls are absolutely adorable. And chunky too. Where is that coming from??? Definitely not you. You look great too by the way. Looks like you had a blast. You are so brave too. Please call me again when you are heading into Shelley and hopefully I will be there. I am living in Boise now so I am a lot closer. Talk to you soon-
    Love ya

  2. so cute!! i love your little girls in their swimming suits! I love the beach too! i wish i could go there more often! i'm glad you all had such a fun trip!! Sweet Memories!!!

  3. Gretch I still can't believe that you have twins! Your family is just so cute. I'm glad you had fun. Those are some way fun memories. Yeah I didn't get your text till later afternoon I don't know what the deal was. And then I didn't even get back with ya. Sorry I'm so flighty. Maybe one of these times you're in town we can get together. . . right. We always say that :)

  4. I completely agree with you on all counts about the beach. I miss it the most out of everything about California. I seriously can't get over how beautiful your little girls are. Seriously gorgeous. You better keep an eye on them. I LOVED that pic of Owen and his daddy. Priceless!

  5. I love these pics!! That picture of Owi and Jake is sooo cute!! And can I just say when I saw that picture of the girlies in their suits it set me back for a minute I thought I was looking in the mirror!! :) If only it was still cute to be fat and rollie! Lol! (oh by the way, love the girls sun hat...Tynners has the same one!) I am counting down the days until I get to see you guys!!! Love you!

  6. looks like you guys had fun!!!!!!