Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Blessings!

On February 21 Ali and Avery were blessed by their Daddy. My mom made them the most BEAUTIFUL dresses and they were so sweet during the whole thing. They had lots of family there to love and snuggle them. My fam stayed with us and we had a full house! It was so much fun but my poor little Owen was sick and struggled most of the weekend. He sure was a trooper for feeling so yucky though.

This is a 5 generation pic with Jake's Great Grandma, Grandpa, and Dad. How cool is that!
The girls getting adored by their cousins. Notice the looks of adoration and the cameras (:
Owie with his Aunt Em

Jack and Ali and Zack and Avery

Aunt Nat with the chuba-bubs


  1. Ok I seriously think your girls are bigger than Saydi. They are so adorable! I just want to hold them and pinch their thighs. So cute. I love it when you update your blog but it also makes me miss you and your family so, so much! I hope you're adjusting to life with three! You're such a great mom.

  2. Oh my goodness! What precious little girls! I love the dresses-your mom is amazing! They sure are chunks...and I love it. You guys are such great examples to us. Each time I look at your pictures it makes me miss you guys so much. It makes me sad that I have only seen the girls only twice and they are growing so fast! Good thing we have this blog though! :) You look fabulous, of course and are doing such a great job as a mom! You inspire me!

  3. i love their little blessing dresses! your mom did a good job making them-they are adorable! so did you guys ever make the trip to Disneyland? Sorry to hear about your sick little boy :( that's never fun! hope all is going well-you look fantastic! take care!

  4. your family is so cute...and you look great!!! i hope everything is going great...we need to get together sometime!!! :)

  5. LOL!! That picture of Nat with both the girls...talk about lead bottoms!! :) Your picture texts don't do those girls justice!!! What fatties! :)Oh but their dresses are awesome!!! Well done! It all makes me so homesick, literally I'm ready to pack up my clan and drive up there! I miss you!!

  6. Oh Gretchen! Your girls are SO ADORABLE! such beautiful dresses! Good thing moms can do everything! I bet you had so much fun! I can hardly believe how big they are getting. I guess even with 2 it still goes super fast! Did you end up going to Disneyland? Take care! So fun!