Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pics, pics, pics

Life at our house still feels like survival mode! My mom went home a week ago...I got to keep her for 6 weeks and it was so amazing to have her. She is so good to us and we loved having her. We made so many good memories and that time we had together will always be one of my favorites. Avery and Ali are 7 weeks old now. Chunkin out and yummy as ever! Owen is starting to realize that they are around for good and has really started taking to them. (: He is pretty cute with them and likes to help burp them. I put lots of pics in this post and I don't have the time to go through and sort them so they are in a crazy order with just a little caption explaining them.

Ali snugglin with Grandma. This was her very favorite spot to nap (:

Avery bundled up and ready to go!

Avery kinda has Uncle Simon's haircut because she lost some of her hair but its really starting to make a comeback (:

Ali's has so much hair and it sticks straight up

Cuddle buddies

Owen checking on his sisters


Owen got blocks for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. All day long, "Mommy play blocks?"

Aves getting snuggles from Kenadee. Ken said she felt like she was wearing a diaper on her face (:

Em and Avery

Wow, ok I promise Ali gets held too but for some reason all the pics I used
are with Avery. This time she is getting loves from her cousin Brooklyn

Owen with his buddy Aiden. Tyler and Kaydee came to visit a few days after Christmas and it was so fun to see them!

Owen with his other buddy (and someday wife) Mia. Its not like Amber and I have plans for them or anything (: We love it when our friends are in town!

I think this is our first family picture all together.

I don't know why this turned sideways but this is the girls in their Christmas jammies!

Owen playing in the wreckage. He LOVES his McQueen jammies and it is not easy getting them off him in the mornings!

Look at that smile...I knew I hit the jackpot with this one

I just think this is funny.

Grandma with her little bear cubs

Christmas Eve dinner! I got to steal my parents and have them to myself for Christmas this year! My fam is pretty sure I planned the twins just for this reason (:

Owen making it hard for his daddy to sleep

Both my girls in the bouncer!

I had to put this on here because even though life is so crazy right now, times like this make it so worth it. Seriously, how many people get to do this.

Thanks so much Mom and Dad for everything!

My life is pretty much feeding babies, changing bums (3 of them!), and playing blocks. Getting a shower in can be tricky and sometimes I feel like I'm spread so thin. But when I get a smile or a sweet little coo or when Owen asks me if I went potty and then says, "Good job mommy, good job!" it makes all the tough moments seem not so tough. Love my little fam.


  1. Gretch your girls and owen are so adorable!! You have the cutest family. I found your blog off miquelyns :) I'm new to this blog stuff but it seems fun. I miss you!! oh and our blog is :)

  2. Oh my word your little family is so precious Gretchen!! The girls are getting prettier with every post! I miss your family so much and seeing them brings back lots and lots of memories and cravings for things like molasses cookies and orange julius'. You are such a great mom and I am very impressed with how well you seem to be handling TWINS! Crazy. Good luck with everything. Also, I've been meaning to give you my new number just in case you're ever in town or something. It's 208-313-9099. Good luck with your little ones!

  3. Good Job Gretchen, good job on going potty. You and your family have got to be the cutest thing! I am glad you are doing great and that everyone is healthy. I hope we get to see you sometime! If you ever get a chance and need to talk, feel free to call me!

  4. You are pretty much wonder woman! I don't even know how you are holding the twins at once in that one picture! Owen is hilarious, such a nice little boy. We sure miss you guys! Every time I talk to you or look at your blog, I just am amazed by you! You are doing such a good job! Someday maybe I can be like you!

  5. What an adorable family. Your girls are absolutely beautiful. I am so glad that your mom was able to stay so long and help out. That had to be wonderful. I hope you are doing well. My sister has twins also and I have to say I admire twin moms. You guys are pretty amazing. Owen is a cutie. Thanks for sharing pictures I loved it.

  6. CUTE!! Lots of love from us. We think and talk about you guys often :)

  7. Your family is so adorable Gretch! We miss you guys so much. We wish we were closer. We love you guys. Keep up the good work, you are my hero! Oh.... Tell Owen he better watch out, because I heard that Mia actually likes the younger guys!

  8. I can't believe they are already seven weeks. It goes by so fast. I don't know how you do it girl. I am exhausted and I only have one kid. YOu are amazing. Super cute girls. I am jealous. I have always wanted twins. Wish you were closer so I could see them and snuggle them and they could be best buddies with Zoey.

  9. gretchen! so precious! all three are adorable! i love how owen is protective of the girls already! :) you look absolutely amazing and i can't wait for my little baby boy to get here. just looking at your pictures makes me so excited! i hope all is going well and i hope everyone is getting enough sleep :) take care and i can't wait to see more pictures of your cute little family!

  10. You get the Mom of the year award for sure! Kinz and I were looking at your cute pictures and trying to guess which twin was which before we read the caption, we didn't do so hot. Oh my, I bet they are so fun though. I bet it was so fun having your mom there too. She's such a trooper. I've been thinking about you a lot and hope you're doing good. Keep up the good work! :)

  11. Oh Gretch- They are so beautiful. I bet things can get rough, but you have such a beautiful family!!! Oh what dolls the girls are and what a boy Owen is. Yeah for moms!!! Hope all is well!!!

  12. What an adorable little family! So lucky to have such great parents! Owen seems like such a good little helper! Your girls are so sweet, but then again I am a little biased! I love girls! You are doing such a great job! Go mommy!

  13. How fun! Kudos to you for keeping up, and kudos for you to going potty too. :) That was cute. Your little girls are adorable and Owen is getting big! Thanks for the update!

  14. What a beautiful little family! I keep asking Shelly how you are doing! What a great mom you are!